Flint & Stone Blocks

Flint Blocks

Laying flint, stone and marble just become a whole lot easier! With no sub-straight being required, these blocks are designed to be laid like a conventional concrete block and then pointed to hide the mortar joints.

Flintmongers (a trading name of Brickmongers Wessex Ltd) can supply a complete package of knapped / un-knapped flint, stone and marble in the more commonly now used block format.

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The stone is mechanically cut down and dressed by a dedicated team of knappers and then hand-crafted into a block form by a crew of experienced block makers. The resulting product can then be used without the need for a backing wall ensuring a rapid professional finish.

We try to stock around 200m2 of the full size knapped field flint blocks and a mixture of ¼ ½ ¾ blocks for immediate dispatch. All other stone, marble and flint orders may need to be made to order, the lead time can vary but it’s typically 6 – 8 weeks from point of order.

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